Social responsibility

Gazprom dobycha Yamburg LLC conducts its activity in the best interests of employees, local community. The Company pursues social responsibility principles and aimed at such a development which besides improvement of production results facilitates positive socioeconomic changes in the area of its operation.

Gazprom dobycha Yamburg LLC has accumulated considerable experience of cooperation with municipalities. The work in this direction is conducted within the framework of Gazprom regional policy, in close collaboration with authorities and local government, public organizations. The Company signs agreements with municipalities of the Tazovsky, Nadym, Purovsky regions as a follow-up of the cooperation agreements between Gazprom and the government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Gazprom dobycha Yamburg LLC implements a wide range of charity programs. The Company’s efforts are focused on the support of indigenous minorities of the North, World War II veterans, four schools of Novy Urengoy, Students Activity Center, Novy Urengoy technical school of gas industry, gifted students of art schools, young sportsmen.

Gazprom dobycha Yamburg LLC makes a considerable contribution to the preservation and development of spiritual traditions: resources are allocated to churches and mosques of the region.